About Mark Waissar

LinkedIn_Profile_Picture_1372264426A veteran investment banking professional, Mark Waissar brings more than two decades of experience to his current position as the president of Ivory Capital, an investment firm based in San Francisco. In this role, Mark Waissar oversees all daily operations of the company, including business development and strategic planning. In addition, he spearheads all investor relations.

Prior to joining Ivory Capital, Mr. Waissar held a number of key positions in the investment banking industry. For 10 years, he served as the managing director of GCA Savvian, a corporate advisory firm that specialized in mergers and acquisitions. During his time with the company, he developed significant expertise in cross-border transactions. He also spent several years as an executive director in the technology group of Morgan Stanley. In this role, he focused on spinoffs, joint ventures, and technology mergers and acquisitions.

Outside of his professional life, Mark Waissar maintains a range of interests. He enjoys skiing, traveling internationally, and attending the opera. Additionally, he supports several local and national charities.


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